Core Team

Todays Dreamers Are Tomorrow’s Leaders
Odyssey Design Co has a team of expert designers and Developers who are very motivated, creative, active and they have the skills to regale rush deliveries immediately! We as a company ensure all the responsibility of quality, creativity, relatively with the product and service and timely delivery of the client work.
Local Web Designer And Graphic Design Professional.

Daniel Moni

Web Master
This job is just designed as my needs and I work with my full esteem.The work is challenging, but it’s also engaging and rewarding.

Muhammad Omer

Senior Programmer


Print Consultant


Seo Analyst


Graphic Designer
Graphic design degree specialized in Multimedia, experience in web design, mobile applications, video production, motion graphics, branding, photography and cinematography.


Graphic Designer
I have experience in article writing, creative writing, blogging, social media marketing, press releases, eBooks, and more. 15 years of experience in writing with a focus on digital marketing and web development applications.

Sarah Muoio

Content Writer
Ajay is an experienced SEO and SEM professional with a technical background. As a Senior Digital Marketing Specialist, Ajay helps to analyze, review and implement changes to client website so that they are optimized for search engines such as Google and Bing.

Ajay Dalal

Seo Expert
I was always great at sketching and drawings, so rather than inheriting my family’s print and publish business, I chose the Graphic Designing stream. I am expert in using Adobe Photoshop + Adobe Illustrator and can design all kinds of creatives from branding – to print – to web.

Hrishu Singh

Senior Graphic Designer
I’m a Visual Designer based in Egypt with more than 10 years of experience creating simple and meaningful design. specialising in brand identity, packaging and design for retail. I develop each project with passion and enthusiasm.

Mostafa Yousry

Visual Designer