Q: What is the difference between “OdysseyDesign” and other Website company’s? A: No job is too big or small for our team of online professionals to take on and provide quick and efficient solutions that work for you and your business needs.

Q: Does your company offer online payments to pay for services? A: Yes, we offer online payments for your convenience and definitely for those from which are not local customers. We make it nice and easy with Paypal, we accept all credit cards, checks, and cash. Note: there is a small 3% fee we must apply to your total to accept a credit card payment.

Q: Do you work within my budget? A: Yes, we provide quality services that are custom fit from your budget.

Q: Does our company offer online market and advertising services? A: Yes, we offer everything from PPC, Craigslist Advertising, Facebook campaigns, SEO, and  additional guerrilla marketing strategies that do work for our customers.

Q: Do we have to meet in person for your company to get started on my project? A: No, we do not have to meet in person, however we usually prefer to meet so that we can be clear on your instructions concerning your business goals. We do a lot of work with individuals from all over the country.

Q: What can I expect going into a business agreement with Odyssey Design? A: You can expect to meet up with a professional business consultant to discuss your idea’s and goals, and to ensure we will be on the right track for your projects.

Q: What areas of San Antonio do you service? A: We service all area’s for local businesses and offer services nationwide.

Q: Do I have to sign a contract to work with OdyseeyDesign? A: Yes, a legal contract is required for all clients, we do this for protection for our business and yours. It is a mutual agreement contract to ensure that everything we discuss will be backed with a quality grantee.

Q: Do I have to pay a deposit to have my project started with OdyseeyDesign? A: Yes, a deposit of at-least 1/2 of the agreed total is what will be required upon signing a service agreement with Odyssey Design.

Q: If I have any disagreements with the work provided, will Odysseydesign refund my money? A: Yes, we will work hard to first provide solutions to fix any situation, if we simply cannot come to an agreement that works we will evaluate the current work that has been provided and make an offer on a refund that makes sense for both parties involved.

Q: As a client will I be responsible to provide information, images, and content for my website? A: Yes, we work hard with our clients to make sure we do our parts, and on the things we need from our clients, we ask for you to do the same. We will help with graphics and content when requested and when needed, however most content including, images, logo, and content will be from our clients unless otherwise instructed for our company to provide it.

Contact us at OdysseyDesign we are your San Antonio website company and we can start today to get your business needs met with solutions!