web design process

Creating a web design isn’t so hard at all. If you are knowledgeable of what the things you need to do and what you should not do, it won’t be difficult for you anymore. Each and all of these tips will contribute a lot and help you do the appropriate and excellent web design. Your website or page must always look interesting and not annoying to your visitors. But besides the appeal you can provide your site visitors, you must be able to show the content, relevance and the purpose of your site. It must be clearly shown on your web design. Some of these web design tips are indicated below.

Ensure a relevant content for your site or page.

Do not rely on the decors of your site to attract visitors. It’s not all about the “bling” or the flashy things that appear and disappear on your screen. Best website design must be able to draw a great attention from a user or visitor through its useful and interesting information or content.

Avoid unpleasant components on your page.

Most users are annoyed and destructed by auto-loading sound effects when entering a particular page, animated materials or content that most often makes users or visitors feel dizzy and then navigates away, and blinking texts or words flashing in and out of the screen.

Animated graphic designs, sounds or audio materials, and texts that come and go out of the screen may be the best visual enhancers for a specific web design but it does not mean that you put or place it all over your page. Limit the space to where you should designate them. Provide them with useful methods, information and other interesting things to keep them on viewing your site. Avoid placing pop-up windows. Pop-up windows are much more annoying and destructive. Most web designers forget to see through a user or visitor’s eyes. You should be able to put your shoes on with some others’. Do not just think about yourself! Do not make use of media backgrounds like images. Using image backgrounds for your web design screams “boring!” all the time. It is truly classified to be amateurish.

Make an easier way to locate particular information.

Organize everything contained on your site. Provide just few clicks and scrolls between your visitor and your information. This is to give them what they are looking for right away! Place a content guide and limit the number of pages of your site and also provide a link that will help your visitor to navigate from other pages to the home page.

Website Readability.

Do not make it hard for your readers to understand the information you are providing. Use matching colours of texts and backgrounds to make the words a lot more readable and visible. Do not make your reading space to narrow or too wide. Check that the size is readable too.

These are just few of the basic and fundamental things you should remember when creating a web design. Assess your skills to be successful on your web design and caution yourself with both the good and bad effects of your web design.