If you think that designing a logo is the toughest part of a logo design assignment then think twice! There is no doubt that designing a logo requires lots of hard work and dedication, but presenting the final logo design to the client, and impress him with the design is even tougher. Clients often reject the final logo design that you may have spent weeks to make perfect. They can tell you that they don’t like the color, shape or font of the logo and doesn’t see how it can improve his brand value. Before presenting the final design you should be prepared to face criticism and should have pre planned the answers to his obvious question. If you can’t persuade the client to accept your design, all your hard work will go in vain. You may not even get paid for the logo, if the client rejects it. Here are some strategies that will help you to present the final design to the client and make him understand why your logo will do wonders for his business.


Give him reasons- When you will show the completed design to the client he will certainly ask you why you think this design is ideal and perfect for his business? You need to give him the reasons that you think make this design the best one. For example, if your client is in sports equipment industry, give him reasons such as, “this logo has an energetic feeling” or “this symbol create an enthusiasm for sports even in a lazy man’s mind.” When your reasons point towards his business model, convincing him is much easier.

Be confident- Confidence can win you in any situation. Sometimes the logo designers get intimidated by the clients. Especially when they are appointed by big brands, they fail to covey their thoughts due to lack of self confidence. When you show the logo to the client and explain him the reasons for that particular design, your body language and voice should reflect your confidence in your creation. If you don’t like the logo, why shall the client like it?

Show him the benefits- Why a client wants to design a logo? Because he wants to reap the benefits of a professional logo. Every client asks a common question to the designer, “What are the benefits of this logo?” Be prepared to answer him why you think that the design will boost his business. To show him the benefits, you can print the logo in different items such as, business cards, t-shirts, leaflet etc. There is nothing more convincing than a clear visual example. When the client will see the logo in different sizes and in different materials, he will automatically understand how that logo can help him to create his brand identity.

Maintain a friendly tone- Confidence can help a logo designer to get the approval from the client but arrogance can spoil the whole deal. A friendly tone with polite behavior can help you when the client gets angry with the final design or rigidly ask you for a complete redesign.

You are the expert, not the client- The clients often show “I know all” attitude. A whimsical client may tell you that he thinks the color is light or font size is too large. As a designer you should convince him that you have years of experience and expertise in logo design and understand what elements are good or bad for a logo design.

Conclusion- When the client and designer understand each other, the task becomes much easier. To get approval from the client for your final design, you need to act confidently, show him the benefits and honor his opinions. If you make the client realize that you understand his needs and are helping him to achieve the target, he will accept your logo without creating a fuss.