Website design is a crucial component of your business’ success. Your website creates an assumption about the quality of your products and services. It assists your employees in delivering important information to your customers. And, it gives your customers a solution for their search inquiries that brought them to the internet in the first place.

In addition to providing answers and assistance to your customers, your website can also give potential customers a reason to go elsewhere for business. Outdated website layout gives your audience the idea that your business is old or neglected. They may assume that your business is slow, or wonder if you have closed your doors completely.

The most imminent danger of non-responsive websites is that it can hurt your reputation. And, eventually, you can even drive business into the hands of your competitors. First impressions mean a lot. In business, they determine whether your customer will stay with you or find the same products and services elsewhere. Therefore, it’s important to understand the impact your website will have on your business revenue.

Website Design Represents the Quality of Your Goods and Services

If a potential customer lands on your website through an online search of your products and services, you can bet they will be judging your business by what they see. If there is not much to go by, your website can create a negative image of the quality of your goods and services. Many consumers go online to make purchases, book appointments, and request quotes. In fact, some customers want to do these things online only. So, if your company doesn’t offer these solutions online, your potential customer may assume you have nothing to offer them.

When you invest in website quality, you tell your customers that they can trust your product. Your investment allows you to deliver exactly what search engine users are looking for, in the most effective way. Just as you want your storefront to attract customers to enter your business, your website should aim for the same result. If potential customers have the perception that you don’t want to invest in your online presence, they will perceive the value and quality of your goods and services at the same level. A relevant and responsive design will show potential customers that there is no risk when they choose to do business with you.

Outdated Websites Give the Impression That You Don’t Care

Sure, you might have spent a ton of money back in the day when you built your website. But, current customers don’t care about what you did back then. Lack of updates to your website design makes your website look like it has been ignored. And, when your website looks ignored, your business looks outdated and stale. It can even look like you don’t care about your customers, because you don’t want to give them a way to check you out on the go. When you neglect your website, you essentially neglect your business.

Although you might have the best of everything when it comes to your products and services, outdated design diminishes your credibility. To your customers, it seems like your business is not competent. The last thing you want your clientele to feel is that you don’t care about your business or their potential business. A website that showcases the best parts of your business also gives an impression that you are proud of what you offer. And, your potential customers will eat that up!

Online Visibility is Important

Google is one of the most used search engines available. Because they want to uphold their excellent reputation, Google closely monitors the quality of their search results. When someone searches for products and services in your industry, Google will deliver the best websites available to the searcher. Since Google is constantly updating and refining their algorithm, to improve the quality of search results, it’s imperative that you keep up with trendy SEO Services.

In fact, websites that are not mobile-friendly are penalized, by Google, with lower rankings. So, the longer you wait, the lower you will descend in the Google rankings. This can lead to thousands of dollars in lost revenue. On the other hand, freshly updated design laout and content can boost your Google ranking. Web design and development that is current is rewarded by Google with a higher ranking.

Outdated Web Design Hinders Customer Service

If your website isn’t up to date, you run the risk of leaving your potential customers feeling confused. Your website serves as a reliable source of information for your customers. Your address, phone number, services, products, and employees should all be current when someone lands on your website. Not only can an outdated website leave your customers misinformed, it can make them feel extremely frustrated with your business.

In addition to delivering information to customers, your website is a tool that can help your employees deliver great customer service. Without this tool, you can negatively impact the morale of your staff. When they feel like they don’t have the tools they need to succeed, employees will also feel frustrated. Undervalued employees will affect the level of customer service that is delivered to your business patrons. Relevant web design creates the reputation of a professional, cutting-edge business that is in touch with their industry. If you put your all into your business, and fail to invest in your website, there can be a damaging disconnect that will negatively impact the quality of your customer service.

You Might be Helping Your Competition

Search engine users take to the internet to find a solution to their needs. When a potential customer lands on your website, it is your chance to show them what you got! But, if they don’t find anything credible, they will leave your website and head back to the search engine. Do you know what this means? You could actually be handing business right over to your competition without even realizing it.

Search out your competition. Does their website look better than yours? Do they deliver information about their business in a more effective way? If the answer is yes, they are already ahead of you in business success because they have established an element of trust with their customers. If your competition has a cleaner, easier to use, responsive design, they win the competition. If not, you are creating an advantage for your business when it comes to your competitors.

Your website is an important investment that showcases the quality of your products and services, and sets your business apart from others in your industry. When you deliver captivating, responsive design, with effective content, your customers will be confident that you are the best in the business. Talk to our Website Designer today about the first step in helping your business land at the fingertips of your next lifelong customer.